LEIC is a proud member of the Industrial Training International (ITI),(API),(ASME). This partnership with ITI provides our customers with advanced Rigging and Lifting Training and Certification courses. Over the past quarter-century, ITI has become recognized throughout the industry for its pioneering and innovative approach toward training, and for having raised the current levels of professional instruction for cranes, heavy equipment and rigging. LEIC offers a range of training and certification courses, including :

Rigging Training

  1. Basic Rigger & Lifting Training
  2. Rigging Gear Inspection Training
  3. Intermediate Rigging Training
  4. Advanced Rigging Training
  5. Critical Lift Planning Training

Crane Training

  1. Mobile Crane Operator Training
  2. Mobile Crane Inspection Training
  3. Overhead Crane Operator Training
  4. Overhead Crane Inspection Training
  5. Forklift Awarness

Fire Training

  1. Wear and Operate Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  2. Fire Science and Extinguishers 
  3. Fire Extinguisher Usage
  4. Smoke Hood Familiarisation & Fire Self Rescue
  5. Fire Wardenin work Place
  6. Combined First Aid and Fire Fighting Course

Indesterial Training

  1. H2S Awarness
  2. Work Permit Life Cycle
  3. Confined Space Entery
  4. Working at Heights
  5. Basic Height Rescue 
  6. Manual handling 
  7. Basic Scaffolder
  8. Advanced Scaffolder
  9. Basic Scaffold Inspection
  10. Advanced Scaffold Inspection
  11. Incident Investigations
  12. Risk Assessment level I,II
  13. PipeLine Repaires Technique as per API.