ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018


LEIC Overseas & Oil Services shall be recognized as a first class operator in the field of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) issues by systematically emphasizing QHSE in the planning and conduct of all activities and operations.
 Governing objectives:
  • Zero injuries and occupational illnesses.
  • Zero discharges of substances that damage the environment.
  • The risk of property damage shall be minimized and eventually lead to zero unwanted off hire.

LEIC Overseas & Oil Services will achieve the governing objectives by:

1. Supplying the necessary financial and human resources.
2. Implementing efficient measures ensuring protection of health, environment and safety for all our employees and those involved or affected by our operations.
3. Assuring a high level of competence and skills amongst our employees.
4. Creating a positive working environment and a preferred place of work.
5. Assuring a high maintenance standard in all operating sites.
6. Keeping all operating sites free from drugs and alcohol.
7. Identifying and controlling environmental aspects.
8. Adhering to all mandatory laws and regulations at all times.
9. Working systematically through QHSE improvement targets, action plans and performance measurement.
10. Put a certain KPI`s with Target dates with achieving goals criteria.

The Management will:

1. Establish and maintain procedures including all relevant considerations with respect to QHSE and ensure that the procedures and routines are understood and implemented.
2. Establish and maintain a QHSE system providing safe working practices, safeguards against all identified risks and ensuring continuous improvement.
3. Arrange both Offshore and Onshore audits to determine the effectiveness of the QHSE system.
4. Implement measures of improvement including preventive and corrective actions.
5. Support and promote anyone interfering or stopping activity to ensure safety.

All employees will:

1. Always adhere to company procedures and routines and thereby contribute to a successful, safe, healthy and environmental friendly place of work and operations.
2. Actively contribute to development and improvement of procedures and working practices, including reporting suggestion for improvement, unsafe acts and conditions, accidents and near accidents.
3. Always assess and manage risk and actively interfere to stop unsafe acts and/or operations.

Our core values are:

. Care – We care!

. Involvement – We involve people!

. Innovation – We change and improve!

. Performance – What we say is what we do!


We acknowledge that we are an integral part of the oil and gas industry, and that we shall use our best endeavors within our role and authority to reduce the impact on the global environment. Our environmental performance is important to our customers and employees, but also to the global society. We will work to prevent pollution, and support the environmental efforts of our customers and suppliers.